Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Summer Break

Well done to all on finishing this past term during such unusual and challenging times in the world. 
You will see that the grade for your work this term is now on Unihub and you will have received an email from your supervisor with feedback and confirmation of the grade. Please note that finalist degree classifications will follow at the end of this week.

It is now Summer break during this time you might reflect on the next module but remember the Module Handbooks are being up-dated so they will not be available until August. Our UniHub page is being up-dating during the summer. The whole page will be accessible by September 7th 2020.

The provisional schedule for the coming year is on UniHub now so you forward plan your time. 

At the beginning of September, we will be sending you information about returning to study. As you move into the next module of study you need to book a welcome back tutorial with your supervisor during Welcome Week, the week beginning 7th September 2020. 

During this tutorial we will go over your feedback and discuss your start of the new Module. To make an appointment please check your email from your supervisor this month (June) and go to the Doodle-poll they have created to check availability. 

Please note we are trialing new email addresses this coming term. Adesola and I have new emails just for the student communication. This is to make sure your emails do not get lost in anyway in our general email boxes (which everything goes to). As an enrolled student please use my new email address which is for enrolled students only. 

(my name, PP= Professional Practice, ACI =Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex) 

with best wishes 

Friday, 24 April 2020

Submission of work...

Instead of responding individually to so many queries now relating to the submission of your work next week (MAY 1st) please see below:

You should save your work as word documents and upload as indicated on Turnitin - do take a look before the deadline, the parts of your work that make the whole portfolio submission are uploaded separately. 

Feedback exchange forms represent all feedback you have engaged with and are uploaded also.

We follow a Harvard referencing system for citations - there are lots of great sources online that can guide you in this.

Anything non-written (diagrams, artefacts) should be uploaded as appropriate - scanned images into a word document, link to a video on vimeo/youtube (password protected) for example.

MORE forms (module two) go through a separate system - the MORE portal online. You should include a link to your application here within your proposal.

Module three - while you share yur artefact as part of your presentations in May, you must submit it orlink to it within your critical review submitted on May 1st.

A polite request; please do not continue to send drafts of work at this late stage or questions asking for confirmation of things being 'right' to either myself or Adesola now. Part of your learning is for you to feel empowered in it and trust yourself to know when your work is ready to submit.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Module Three focus skype

Great conversations this evening around the notion of learning, self-reflection, choice making with contributions from those in module two and three. 

Around the idea of communicating your inquiry process with other we talked about the presentation, artefact and essay as three ways of communicating your journey of module three and talked about how it is ok to be honest and allow yourself to be vulnerable in this process, acknowledge the challenges and how you've responded to them, tell us about the twists and turns the research process took... enjoy the chance to celebrate and share your inquiry with others...  Those who were a part of this conversation please comment below with your blog link to your key take away moments for others to share in also...

We look forward to your presentations in May and celebrating your journey then!

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Drafts and feedback

Trust yourselves in the process...

Great to receive your drafts of work earlier this month ... as we move into the spring break now please note that the last date for sending drafts for all modules has now passed (end March), please do not continue to send drafts of work now. 

A note here for your consideration moving forwards from this point and looking at the value of drafts and feedback in furthering your thinking...

Drafts are intended to initiate a feedback dialogue (skype, via email) with your supervisor, they are not usefully used to ask if things are 'right' or sent with an expectation of receiving corrections, by way of a pre-marking opportunity.

Please do receive feedback as an extended discussion of your work

Often feedback contains prompts for further reading, suggested texts/practitioners to look at, comments regarding the level of critical thinking/analysis in your writing over overly descriptive personal narrative approaches etc.. Feedback comments are not telling you to 'correct' something and re-submit, but more trying to help you to move your thinking and writing on as we see the process of your work developmentally.

With this in mind, when you have received feedback on a draft of work, please take time to read and consider comments made, come back to your supervisor if you have further questions which extend the conversation, (not by asking for more comments on the same things that have already been commented on) but arrange a skype is you have further thoughts and questions as a result of the feedback.

You are all working as professional people within your industry and as such we see our role as supervisors as guding you, being a critical friend, promting, pushing your thoughts, challenging you in order for you to develop your thinking further. We are not testing you getting things 'right' we are interested in your engagement and curiosity about your own work. This is pivotal to your development and to the Programme.

Learn to trust yourself in the process...in life

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Twilight discussion group...

Last night we had our twilight open discussion group with peope from all modules and soem good discussions aorund finding 'your voice', integrating themes and making connections. We noticed how these conversations tied in to each other and across the three modules of the BAPP programme. 

We spoke about it being ok for things to feel messy and to look to your practice as a way of approaching your writing and artefacts for each module. 

Those that were a part of these discussions do comment here with your blogs for further thoughts from the call so that others can share in these too.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

MORE forms

 MORE Ethics applications Module Twos

As some of you know I am currently having on-going problems with accessing your MORE forms online. Can I suggest, so as not to delay feedback and your submission of these that you arrnage a Skype session with me this week, have your MORE application on your computer screen, share your screen with me on Skype and we can talk through the form, amending as necessary as we go? 

I think this will save us both time right now!

thanks for your patience.


Monday, 16 March 2020

Artists figuring out COVID-19

As we all approach each day of change through the corona virus at the moment we are noticing how it is affecting so many in so many different ways. 

We're sharing here some industry advice and support which my be helpful as some of you navigate contracts, self-employment, job cancellations etc.

Adesola's blog offers some dates for some 'community skypes' also as additional times for you to simply come together and talk, share, support and stay connected in these largely isolating times.


Artnet medical grants

Arts Council England

Bectu Advice for film/TV freelancers